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Did you know that optimization of local listings, maps, reviews, & check-in promos can help customers find you before your competitors?  Local listings are increasingly used by people who are searching for products and services in their vicinity,who are also ready to make purchases either online or in person.

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What is Local Buzz?

Local Buzz is the optimization of local listings and maps in search engines and major sites such as Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places, and Foursquare.

A fully-optimized local online presence coupled with a strong SEO campaign will put you ahead of your competition. The age of print marketing is going out the door and you cannot afford not to invest in your online marketing.

Explosion of mobile device usage has shaped local search and buying behavior. With increased smart phone and tablet adoption, mobile local search grew, causing a high demand for time-sensitive,on-the-go needs for local business information.



The Future projections for 2015-2016 show:

By 2015, at least 30% of search will be local in nature

Mobile will match desktop as device of choice for local searches in 2015 and overtake it a year later.


Search will drive local mobile ad spend from $1.65 billion in 2014 to $3.21 billion in 2016.  Mobile app downloads are estimated to reach 182.7 billion in 2015


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